Looking After Your Home

Looking After Your Home

We encourage our tenants to maintain their home as best they can. As well as repairing any faults, we are able to offer help, advice and assistance when it comes to some basic improvements.

Service charges

In accordance with Government guidelines, service charges are based on the cost of providing the service and are separated from the rent. Service charges have been identified and linked to individual properties where appropriate. Service charge elements may include:

  • Sewerage
  • Lift operation and maintenance
  • Communal window cleaning
  • Stairway lighting
  • Door entry system maintenance
  • Caretaking and cleaning
  • Communal facilities (Housing with Support)
  • Heating and/or hot water
  • Estate charges (lighting and grounds maintenance)

We can only make reasonable service charges, and the services or work we do must be of a reasonable standard. If you believe that your service charge is unreasonable (in terms of amount charged or standard of work), you may be able to apply to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal for a decision as to what is reasonable. Details can be obtained from www.rpts.gov.uk

Insulating Your Home

We want to ensure that your home is energy efficient. One of the simplest but most important ways to do this is to make sure that it has suitable insulation in the loft and walls.

If it is possible, we will install loft insulation and cavity wall insulation in your home.  You should get in touch with us if you have less than 20cm (about eight inches) of loft insulation or you do not think that the cavity in your wall has been filled.

For more information please call us on 01508 532000 or email info@saffronhousing.co.uk

Heating Upgrades

We provide all our homes with a fully serviced and functioning heating system with the best possible energy efficiency. In general, we aim to repair existing systems where possible, to avoid lengthy installations. We also replace boilers at the end of their serviceable life.

If you would like further information about replacement heating systems, please contact Paul Wilson on 01508 532074 or email pwilson@saffronhousing.co.uk

Central heating on medical grounds

If you do not have central heating and you or a member of your family has a serious medical condition which is affected by lack of heating, you can apply to have this installed.

We will assess each case on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information on this process.

Managing Condensation

Damp, condensation or mould issues in your home can be a real issue. It can occur in many different forms and for many different reasons.  The downloadable leaflet below covers the most common reasons and offers guidance on the best ways to deal with these issues.

Download our Damp, Condensation & Mould Leaflet

This video produced by the Energy Saving Trust also offers tips on how you can tackle these kind of problems.

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