Right to Buy/Acquire

Right to Buy/Acquire

What is the Right to Buy/Acquire Scheme?

The Right to Buy (RTB) and Right to Acquire (RTA) schemes give eligible residents the opportunity to buy the home they currently rent. A discount towards the market value of the property will usually apply to these purchases.

Who is eligible for the Right to Buy/Acquire Scheme?

In general terms, Saffron Housing Trust residents may be eligible to purchase their property under one of the following schemes:

The Preserved Right to Buy (PRTB): this applies to former secure local authority residents who have changed landlord due to a stock transfer from their local authority, and are now managed by a registered social landlord such as Saffron Housing Trust. These secure tenants become assured tenants with the transfer, but keep their statutory right to buy their home at a discount. Most housing association tenants do not have the Right to Buy, but if you were a secure tenant of South Norfolk District Council prior to transfer in May 2004, you may have a ‘Preserved’ Right to Buy.

The Right to Acquire scheme: this applies to eligible assured tenants who do not have the Preserved Right to Buy. Even if you are eligible, you cannot purchase your property if it is in a designated rural area. Click on the link below to check if this applies to your home.


You may have the Right to Acquire (subject to exemption) if you became a tenant of Saffron Housing Trust after May 2004 and also if you satisfy the initial qualification period.  This is five years if your tenancy began on or after 18 January 2005, or two years if your tenancy started before 18 January 2005. The Right to Acquire will not apply if the property is in a rural area designated by the government.

How can I apply/receive more information about the scheme?

Our Right to Buy/Acquire Information pack is available by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, call us on 01508 532023 and we can send one to you via the post.

The pack explains the procedure for claiming the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire. It includes who can exercise the Right to Buy/Right to Acquire, any exceptions to the scheme and how to apply. The information also highlights the financial implications of owning a home, which you need to consider before deciding to buy.

Further guidance is available from the Communities and Local Government Department and the ‘Guide to Right to Acquire’ you can download below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What discounts will I be entitled to?

The Communities and Local Government Right to Buy information pack (link below) details the current maximum discount available. You won’t know the exact discount you can receive until your home is valued under the application process. The amount will depend on how long you have been a tenant and what kind of property you live in.

What if I decide to sell? Will I need to repay the discount?

If you resell your home within five years you’ll have to repay some or all of the discount you received. Within the first 10 years you will also have to offer the property back to Saffron Housing Trust, in the first instance. Only if the Saffron Housing Trust declines will you be able to sell on the open market.

Can I make a joint application?

You may be able to exercise the Right to Buy jointly with members of your family who have lived with you for the past twelve months, or with someone who is a joint tenant with you.

Where can I get an application form?

Application forms for both the right to buy and right to acquire are available by contacting 01508 532339 or clicking on the download links below:

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