Our T-Rex Perry has been designed by Norwich-based artist Roberta Wood, who not only took inspiration from the Peregrines located at the Cathedral but also from the design of the Cathedral itself. Below are a few pictures of Perry.

The trail is now live and will run until Saturday 10th September, with a total of 80 T-Rex and Steppe Mammoth sculptures roaming the streets of Norwich and Norfolk to form a fun, free and family-friendly event.

By fundraising during the trail, putting £1 into a collection pot when collecting your map or buying a sculpture at the auction on 28th September, GoGoDiscover supporters allow Break to deliver services giving children and young people on the edge of care, in care and leaving care the best chance of a bright future.

You can find out more about Break and the GoGoDiscover trail via their website here.

Congratulations if you have managed to locate Perry. We have a reward for you, a paper Peregrine puppet for you to make yourself! Click the button above to download it.

Why not send in any pictures you have with Perry, and we will share on our social media channels, email them to communications@saffronhousing.co.uk or remember to tag us on social media if you are posting any pictures.

















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