We are excited to launch our new ‘Inspiring Saffron’ Strategy.

Published: 1st April 2022

We are excited to launch our ambitious new ‘Inspiring Saffron’ Strategy.

Our strategy for 2022 and beyond is for Saffron to be known for Inspiring Communities and Inspiring Trust by being an Inspiring Organisation.

At the heart of our strategy is working side by side with our tenants and communities to improve homes and services.

Value for money has never been more important and this strategy will require us to invest more pennies of every rent pound in improving homes. We want to create an inclusive environment for everyone, and wherever possible make sure reducing our carbon footprint also reduces the cost of living.

Each Inspiring element includes its Purpose and key Priorities for 2022/23. The strategy also introduces our 12 Vital Signs, measures of how we are performing against this strategy. Tenants and colleagues will be involved in updating our Priorities and Vital Signs every year. It is important to us that we are open and transparent about how we invest our tenants’ rent and this is summarised in the ‘How every rent £ is spent’ chart.

CEO at Saffron James Francis said: “This strategy is about both understanding and continuing to improve the way tenants and their communities feel about Saffron. Saffron was created for the benefit of the community and current cost of living means it’s more important than ever that we commit to increasing the proportion of every pound of rent that is invested in the things that will make the greatest difference to our tenants and their communities.

“Being an inclusive organisation to work for and with is essential to turn our plans into reality.”

You can see our new strategy in full here or you can watch our strategy video here.