Fire Safety in your home

Published: 5th April 2022

If you are one of our tenants who live in blocks of flats or our Independent Community Living Schemes you will have a fire door and a ‘Protected Escape Route’, which could save your life.

We have made two new videos about things you need to look out for, and our responsibilities to you as your landlord. Please click the links below to watch:

The Importance of Fire Doors

Protected Fire Escape Routes

We have also updated a leaflet with fire safety tips for all of our tenants, you can find this and more information on our ‘Fire safety in your home’ page here.

Every month we inspect around 250 fire doors but we need you to report any fault to us immediately. This is for your own and your neighbours safety.

If you have any concerns or identify a potential risk, please email us at or call 01508 532000.