‘Community Triangles’ bring Saffron together with its tenants and communities

Published: 13th June 2022

As part of our new Community Membership structure, which aims to boost tenant and community engagement, the first two ‘pilot’ Community Triangles have taken place in south Norfolk.

In Poringland and Brooke, the Community Triangles saw Saffron representatives, including CEO James Francis, tenants and community leaders come together to walk around the villages.

Their purpose is to act as a key engagement forum and create an opportunity to note any actions to investigate. The two events were deemed a success as lots of information was gathered and shared, and the Community Triangle members had the opportunity to speak to other tenants in the villages about any issues or concerns they had.

Some areas have already been identified as benefitting from our Community Foundation grants and also involving our employees to utilise their staff volunteering day to tidy up a community garden in Brooke.

Saffron CEO James Francis said: “We are committed to involving tenants and their communities in what we do. Although in their early stages, the Community Triangles have been a great way to meet and discuss things which are working well as well as identifying any areas for improvement. We know visibility is key for many people, and we are hopeful that the future events will be just as successful in creating face to face contact with our tenants and communities.”

Founding Saffron Community Member and South Norfolk Councillor for Poringland, Framinghams & Trowse, John Overton said: “It was a very interesting and a positive walkabout, hopefully we will get to meet more residents in the future and listen to their concerns.”

David Lee, Saffron tenant and Founding Saffron Community Member, said: “The community triangle in Poringland was a good start. It was positive to get the community working together. There is real potential for the future, and I would like to attend future walkabouts and for more people to come along too.”

Saffron tenant Linda Sinclair is Chair of the housing association’s new Tenant Communication and Support Group and added: “I think it’s great that Saffron have reinstated the community walkabouts as I feel this is very constructive way for Saffron, tenants and the local residents to engage and work together.”

Ken Warman, Founding Saffron Community Member, said: “This was an interesting and informative get together with residents from the local community who raised a number of issues and concerns for Saffron to follow up.”

The next Community Triangle walkabouts are planned for 22nd June in Poringland and 5th July in Brooke with dates to be announced soon for other locations where Saffron have homes.

If you’re interested in becoming a Saffron Community Member, or would like further information, please click here.