Partnership working

Partnership working

Saffron Housing Trust are proud to work closely with a wide variety of associates.

National Housing Federation

The National Housing Federation (NHF) is the voice of affordable housing in England, representing the work of housing associations and campaigning for more homes. Based in London, their regional officers maintain a dialogue across the country.

The NHF acts as a lobby for the social housing sector, ensuring that its needs are addressed by government policy. It also offers training and networking opportunities, provides thought leadership and guides best practice in the sector.

Saffron is delighted to work with the National Housing Federation supporting and promoting its campaigns such as Yes to Homes and Together with Tenants. David Orr, the NHF Chief Executive, has been kind enough to visit Saffron and its events on several occasions. Saffron is always delighted to welcome officers from the National Housing Federation.

For further information on the NHF and its current campaigns visit their website here.

Build East

Saffron is a member of Build East which is a collaboration of 17 housing associations in the East who work together to champion the housing sector, their communities, and their members.

The 17 housing associations share knowledge and experienceto learn from one another and make a bigger collective difference to the tenants and communities who are impacted by our services.

You can find out more about Build East on their website here.


PlaceShapers is a national group of more than 100 community-based housing associations. Formed in 2008, the group owns more than 700,000 homes and provides services to more than one million people.

Saffron Housing Trust is a member of PlaceShapers and is proud of our ongoing involvement with the organisation. We are pleased to honour the organisation’s guiding principles:

  • That we put our residents and customers at the centre of what we do and ensure that they have real influence on how our organisations evolve
  • That we provide more than simple landlord services because we care about the people and places where we work
  • That we recognise the importance of the local authority role and support all of our Local Authority partners in improving and shaping places at both a strategic and operational level
  • That we believe there is strength and benefit to residents and stakeholders in maintaining a strong, independent, diverse, non-profit making sector

For further information on PlaceShapers, visit their website here.

Eastern Procurement

Saffron is a founding member of Eastern Procurement (EP), a consortium of 10 social landlords with properties throughout East Anglia.

EP focuses upon joining together the needs and skills of its social landlord associates and efficiently procuring works and services on their behalf. It aims to achieve cost savings and promoting best practice across every project. Members have committed to reinvesting these cost savings back into social housing for the benefit of residents.

Membership of EP provides us with access to competitive pricing, managed supply chains and simplified pricing mechanisms. It also helps ensure procurement is transparent and EU-compliant, and improves tenant involvement and satisfaction.

In addition, membership with Eastern Procurement gives us access to key contracts for services we would normally have to employ third-party operatives for.

For further information, visit their website here.

Independent East

We are part of an informal group of housing associations in Norfolk and Suffolk called Independent East.

The group is made up of independently minded, and individually sustainable housing associations with similar and complementary values and business objectives, who are willing to share knowledge and experience; to support each other in the delivery of our individual corporate strategies; and to explore opportunities to work better together in an informal way.

The members of Independent East, including us, are Broadland, Freebridge, Havebury, and Orwell housing associations.

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