Get Involved

Get Involved

At Saffron Housing, we want to making sure our tenants have a say in how we operate. We are always striving to deliver the best possible service, and we value your feedback when it comes to improving. We also want to do all we can to make the area where you live feel like a community.

Our Customer Engagement Team is focused on giving you a voice in decisions that affect you, your home and the area in which you live. You can access information, support and advice to help with this by talking to them. We work with individual customers, groups and other organisations to make a positive difference to our services and in our communities.

Why Get Involved?

Customer Involvement isn’t just about how you can help us. While we need customers to give us feedback about our services and tell us how we are doing, it also offers tenants something in return. Many people who have taken part have discovered a variety of other benefits including:

  • Improving their confidence and social skills
  • Learning new skills and meeting new people
  • Attending free training and development courses
  • Creating a sense of community in the area where they live
  • Seeing the difference their involvement can make
  • Being able to put their volunteer work on their CV

We provide a variety of support to enable tenants to access and take part in our involvement activities. We can provide transport or cover travel expenses, and we will also cover the cost of registered childcare/carers.

Click below to find out more about how you can get involved.

If you would like to find out more please contact the Customer Involvement Team on 01508 532032 or email

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

Customer Voice : Find out more

Customer Voice are a group of customers who look at and are involved in key areas of the services we provide.

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