Changes to our services

We have reinstated all of our core services whilst continuing to do all we can to keep you, and our staff as safe as we possibly can. These services include:

Responsive/routine repairs – we have managed to work through our backlog of cancelled repairs and are satisfied we can reinstate our routine repairs.

Planned maintenance – we are able to carry out internal works as well as external works.

Total Property management (TPM) surveys have recommenced.

We have reinstated a full Mutual Exchange service.

Our Lettings service is fully operational.

Our Income service is fully operational.

Our Neighbourhood, Wellbeing and Specialist services are carrying out estate and health & safety inspections. They are making home visits where it is safe to do so.

Contact Care (24 hour lifeline service) will offer a full service.

Please see the below information for a full list of our emergency repairs and our response to those repairs:

Although most of the Covid restrictions have been lifted, we are encouraging our staff to continue to wear face coverings and appropriate PPE when entering your home, as well as keeping 2 metres away from our tenants.

If you feel uncomfortable with us entering your property and we’re unable to, for example, carry out gas servicing/repairs due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will provide you with a special card which will enable us to book in a future appointment at a safe and convenient time. This will need to be within 12 months of the last inspection.

Gas and electricity

We are aware that many of you have pre-payment meters for either gas, electricity, or both in your home.

If you are impacted by the coronavirus, such as being in self-isolation, and means you are unable to have enough credit on your meter, it is important to speak with your energy supplier.

If you need further information or have any concerns, please contact us on 01508 53200 or


It is important for us to be made aware of any of our tenants self-isolating, so we don’t put any of our tenants or staff at unnecessary risk and reduce any potential spread of the virus. By being made aware of any tenants self-isolating we can also plan our services. If you have self-isolated, please contact our Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000.

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