New Customer Voice report

Published: 12th January 2022

Our Customer Voice group have recently published their second report outlining the work they were involved in between June and September 2021.

The report not only outlines areas Saffron have asked them assist with but also ones they have chosen.

The key headings are:

  • What we looked at – these topics will remain the same in all future reports as consistent key areas to examine.
  • Areas for action/investigation – these are additional areas they have chosen.
  • What we did and outcomes – this includes outcomes on areas they have chosen as well as areas Saffron has asked the group to look at.

Customer Voice is a group of Saffron tenants, all working on a volunteer basis with one goal in mind: to make Saffron the best it can be.

To read the full report and find out more about our Customer Voice group, please click here.