Kelsey’s Apprenticeship Journey with Saffron

Published: 6th July 2021

When I first started at Saffron I was 17 and incredibly nervous and hadn’t really experienced ‘adult’ life. I have now been at Saffron for four and a half years and as a business it has helped me grow massively and allowed me to learn lots of new skills. Starting my apprenticeship was a great opportunity and I am very grateful for what it has allowed me to achieve. I completed my level 2 and level 3 business administration qualifications and was then offered a permanent position. Since then I have progressed through my roles taking on new and more challenging tasks. I look forward to seeing where I will progress to in Saffron over the coming years and expanding my knowledge further.

I started in my apprentice role carrying out basic administration for the team. I have now been promoted and I am given more freedom to make decisions and carry out actions. I now work in the compliance areas of Asset Management, making decisions, checking data, and organising works. Along with this very important area of the business, I manage the business fleet on a day to day basis, Saffron’s waste and recycling programmes and I also undertake the rental valuations, utilising RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) methodologies, which are used for setting rents in Saffron’s void stock.

Kelsey, Strategic Asset Management Officer

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