An updated message from James Francis, CEO

Published: 10th September 2020

Throughout the pandemic our first priority has been to keep you and our staff as safe as we possibly can. We have made decisions by carefully considering both government guidelines and the fact we work with some people that may be more vulnerable to the virus. In the early months of the pandemic this led us to operate essential only services before being able to bring back services over recent months. Your patience over the summer was greatly appreciated.

This week we had a situation where there was a possibility some staff had been exposed to the virus. We immediately took every precaution to prevent this being passed to you and other staff until we were able to confirm through testing that there was no risk of this happening. We would like to apologise for the fact this did mean we had to reschedule some non-essential repairs jobs in the middle part of the week.  

As we head into the autumn and winter, if there are times when despite everyone’s best efforts, members of staff have come into contact with the virus, or display possible symptoms themselves, we will be continuing to take all precautions to keep you and other members of staff as safe as possible. On occasions this may mean there is some disruption to non-essential services. We appreciate this is not an ideal scenario but hope you understand that our plans are based on the first priority being your safety and the safety of our staff, and we will let you know if and when this situation happens. 

Wishing you all the very best 

James Francis
Chief Executive Officer